EPIK Kids in Action and their supporters sound off about local community projects

The JOY and sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT felt by children after assisting those less fortunate in their community is EPIK. 

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EPIK Kids in Action


"My daughter just started with EPIK kids at Westchester ES. It is a wonderful after school program that offers her a chance to help others and work as a team with her fellow friends and classmates. Some of her favorite activities were making blankets for sick children and sorting candy to send to the troops. She's definitely looking forward to thinking of new ideas and ways to help the community. "

- Kristin Clous Lesniewski (parent)


"You help out the community and it's actually turned out to be really fun. It's nice because a lot of people have trust in you."

-Jack McGuinn (student)


"Watching them serve and be excited about serving others is really cool. To see the big heart that's inside of them, the fact that they want to do this and not run home and play video games, to make a human impact, you can't put words to that."

-Maria Buker (teacher)

EPIK Kids in the Local News

Catonsville Elementary School Community Service Group Expands

On March 21st the Baltimore Sun picked up the March 14th the Catonsville Times article featuring the EPIK Kids of Westchester Elementary School in ACTION. 

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